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Dog lost while hunting
[/url][Image: 49895423_10211893850012438_4274317673061...e=5CC081AF]

Becky Rae
January 8 at 5:35 PM
Attention: Oyster & Seaside watermen friends.... you all probably heard about the duck hunting boat that went down out of Oyster creek a few days ago. The boaters were recovered and are ok, but their pup is still unaccounted for ? Their 3 year old black lab swam off during the incident, in between Cobb & Wreck Island. Dogs are very avid swimmers, so there is a possibility that he is still out on the island lost and scared, up in the brush. If anyone happens to see him while working out there, please shoot me a message. Let's bring this baby home
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This really sucks. Hopefully the Lab will be found.
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Hope they can recover and bring him home- there seems to be a lot of dogs gone missing over the course of the last two weeks from what I am seeing.
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I've encountered a few lost dogs over the years. Always hoped their owners found them.

A few years ago deer hunting on my friend's family land in SC, a beagle came out of the brush and stopped to look up at me in the stand. Next day, I saw signs he had come back and raided my gut pile. He had a radio collar. But I suspect he was way out of range from his owner.

On the island of Kuaii, I was hiking Waimea Canyon and stopped to check out the postings at the Hunter check station. There were numerous lost dog flyers there. Mostly hunting dogs.

Later that day a black lab came up to me. Female with big floppy teets hanging under her and skinny. Some tourists were giving her some food and water from the tailgate of their car. The dog then came over to me and my wife and let us pet her. I asked the couple at the car if it was their dog. They said no.

I suspect a pig hunter had lost that dog a long time ago and the dog had mated with other wild dogs. Maybe she had a litter of pups nearby and was hoping we would come take her and the pups away.
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I am seeing more lost pets on my community Face Book, with many not being located. With the Coyote problem we are experiencing …… I'm sure many lost dogs in our rural areas are becoming a meal.
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I'm in Urban Fairfax, we had coyote sightings off one of our main streets last week.

I have a trail cam to see the comings and goings of my neighborhood fox and the deer that raid our yard.

Last week I picked up something that looked too big for a fox. Had a rounder tip to it's tail. But I could be wrong.

There were five deer in October including two young fawns. I've only seen three lately, the bigger adults.
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