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Puff Balls
Saw my first group of puff balls for the year yesterday. Just happened to look over while driving and saw them with momma but could see how many.

Anyone else seeing some?

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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We are seeing Canada geese puff balls along the roadways near ponds down here
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We have two families in our pond. One with 6 chicks and the other only has 2. In past years we’ve seen the survival rate for chicks is less that 50%. The local fox population seems to enjoy them.


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At the Home Depot in Midlo I saw a goose with a couple 2 week or so old chicks the first week of April. Guessing that bird is probably close to flying at this point. Warm Spring weather had at least a few birds on the nest early. Hoping for a good hatch this year. Weather has been much better/drier so far than last year so hopefully that helps.
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