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Never legislate out of emotion...
this fella does a great job articulating a defense of our 2A rights.

one of his best points is that we shouldn't legislate out of emotions, which many in government tend to do--'never let a tragedy go to waste' is what they say. Then, you see the mainstream talking snake media jumping on board with bias reporting that pulls at the heartstrings of the viewer.

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I’ve often counseled Junior leaders that you can’t argue the merits of someone’s emotions; people are passionate, and sometimes that leads them to have narrow viewpoints.

Crowder is a provocateur, but at least he’s making valid arguments based in facts. Some folks go through our universities being taught that their emotions and feelings make them impervious to withstanding scrutiny or a differing opinion. The entire safe space movement was cultural fascism, the very thing that those folks say they abhor. stifling free speech because it upsets someone based on their sensitivities is a recipe for disaster.
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