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Bear tooth envelope
Well, either the VDGIF knows something i don't know or they are wishful thinking... I got a letter in the mail the other day from VDGIF with an envelope to send in my bear teeth should i harvest a bear this year. Either they think my odds are really good due to the overpopulation of bears or they're trying to give me my money's worth since they know i'm still mad about them taking the bear tag off my license. either way, i hope to need the envelope in a couple of weeks from now.
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Hahaha they watching you! Lol GL

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Big Bucks are easy - Thats why I shoot little ones!
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Yeah I got mine too. This phone check thing for bears will be interesting. Wonder how many won’t get checked in and no tooth will get sent.

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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Got plenty of potential teeth up here to send in. Saw a sow with 4 cubs on camera not long ago. I wonder too if it will be abused.
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