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No squirrels today
Went to my usual squirrel hole before sunrise t o day.

Set up a chair blind and dozed a bit.

Strangely nothing stirring.  Called it quits around 9 am.

Usual l y lots of greys in this spot rooting for hickory.

Come to think of it... I did not see any hickory underfoot this time around.

Also was really windy.  Maybe animals just snuggled away due to wind.  Woulda thought they would come out to warm up in the sun.
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I had promised the guys at work that I would be bringing squirrel and dumplings for the company potluck this week. Kind of hard to do if I can't get a squirrel or two.

I guess I'll just have to make rabbit and dumplings, with a locally procured domestic rabbit... here's one I found on Freecycle. Bun bun needs a new home. We're moving to a place that doesn't allow rabbits. Free to a loving family...
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Hahahahahaha that's too funny.

I got lots of squirrels by me just need to get a pellet gun to put a few down. It's getting super annoying with them all running around the tree
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it always amazes me how squirrels are all out at the same time or all nested at the same time.
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Yea, I've read that wind can keep critters nested, even with bright sunshine. Apparently they are sensitive to "wind chill" as well.

Heard dogs baying, followed by 9 shotgun blasts in quick succession. Someone out there is a sucky shot!
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