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No Rabbits today
Went out to the local WMA - Left house at 5:15 and got to the sighting-in range parking lot at 7:15-ish.

Put on my gear and hiked up the trail to an area that I remember to be planted with corn (that was probably 2014 when I was there last).

Woods were dead silent until the sun came out.  Lots of birds... just not the kind I want to shoot!

Got to the fields at about 7:45 AM and sat at a shaded area with the sun rising behind me.

Lots of small birds, cardinals, sparrows, blackbirds, etc.

Heard a bunch of geese flying to the south.  Heard the sounds of someone driving farm machinery on gravel very close by and some voices, but did not see anyone over the hedge.  Was hoping they would send rabbits or even deer toward me.

Very peaceful.  But nothing going on.

8:15 I started heading back (Had to be at work by 10).  I kicked around some brambles and thick stuff without success.  Found a collapsed, tin shed roof with about 3 inches of crud piled on it.  I got up and carfully stomped on it hoping to flush out rabbits, or even rats.  Nothing.

All looks like very good rabbit habitat, but nothing there.

The fields look like they had not been planted at all this year.  Just 8 inches of flattened grass and weeds.  Do rabbits only move into the area when they plant corn or other crops here?
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I’m sure They’re there, just hard to find without a beagle or two.
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Friend got a rabbit this past Saturday at one of the wmas.  He was hunting something else and it was just off the trail.  then saw another one, but didn't shoot because he was not sure if he would like rabbit.

I went out there on Tuesday and the place was dead.  Ran into another hunter who got a really fat squirrel.  So rabbits had been chased off by a guy who brought in dogs on Monday.

I did not see a thing for the rest of the day.

Had a good hike exploring a different part of the WMA.
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