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Rivers Edge ladder stand?
Late to this but I'd like hear your thoughts on it, Carcass. Have you found it to your liking? We have a bunch of Rivers Edge stands in our "group" and I find them very comfortable. The mesh seats are plastic and don't collect water the way foam or canvass seats do, in my experience. Ours are hung up 6 months out of the year and we haven't had to replace any seats even after I think 5 years (I know most of them we've had for 3 years now) of using some of them.
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I do like it. I have killed a buck, a doe, and a bobcat from it so far. It’s not as comfortable as my summit viper climber though but it is a lot less noisy to use than my climber. I keep a piece green army canvass over the seat when I’m not using it. It seems to preserve the fabric well and keeps the seat from being wet if it rains right before i get in it. I just have to scare off the squirrels from making a nest in it. It’s roomy and the shooting rail is nice but not as secure of a feeling as my summit viper’s rail. I need to readjust the stand as I installed it slightly unlevel (leaning backwards against the tree)—not much, but slightly enough that I don’t like standing up in it very long.
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