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So I got a button buck about a week ago and butchered him over the next couple of days.  I came across something I thought was questionable.  He had two small "growths" at the shoulder joints of his forelegs.  If it was only on one side I would assume it was some sort of cancerous tumor but it was on both legs and seemed like something else.  Anyone know what these are?


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Lymph nodes. Every deer (and mammal for that matter) has them. Deer have like 10 or 12 of them I think in various spots on the body (neck, legs, etc...). Cut them out and do not consume them! They are where the body filters toxins etc...
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Thanks folks. Somehow I've missed seeing these on the deer I've butchered prior to this. I was hoping they were glands since they were on both sides but I thought I'd err on the side of education rather than guesswork. I appreciate the help.
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