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The last day (At least for me)
I have to work tomorrow so today was the end of my season. Didn't see anything but wood ducks this morning but they kept it exciting for the first hour and a half. Was able to drop three of them. This was my best season yet. I was able to work a lot of birds and while I couldn't finish most I learned a lot from them. Was able to bag three ringnecks, three woodies and two mallards. Now the long wait till next season....[Image: 26fdb99d2c3137a025ca89a7edd30345.jpg][Image: 8a76dfd77042a8f1d162c2fb5f323b6d.jpg][Image: 33804d455d19ac20c6bd749fe802b317.jpg][Image: 897dc5d2dbe24db0405748128619bbe3.jpg]

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Nice Bill. Congrats on your wood duck limit. You did better than me this season. I only got out 5 times this year. Shot something all but one time out but no hunt was what I'd consider good in terms of numbers. Scraped out a mallard, 2 woodies, and 2 buffleheads. This am did a river hunt and saw 100s if not thousands of buffs, big ducks, etc.. but low winds had nothing decoying. On the positive I did scout up a nice hole the other day that I am pretty sure will be a late season slaughter next year if the beaver dam holds and it isn't too cold.

Congrats again on that woody limit. Not an easy thing to accomplish in most parts with as limited a window as you have to shoot them in the am.
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