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JUDGE .410
Well many of you know, I was looking for a Judge to hunt with, and keep snakes at bay, if they become a problem.
Well here is the skinny on those pistols. First of all they are the bomb, for defending oneself of bad guys. Makes a great nightstand for 1st defence. They come in handy on the farm to ward off Mr. No Shoulders (aka: snake), very compact vs a snake charmer or .410 single shot.
Fact is that it is a rifled barrel. They come 2.5", 3", 4"(if your lucky to find a used one), and 6-1/2") length barrel. They also come in 2-3/4" or 3" cylinders. 
Stainless, steel, and a polymer type frame.
Our first reaction when thinking about purchasing one for hunting or shooting a little distance, would be longer is better. But it is the opposite.  Bird shot coming out of a long rifled scatters more, than shot coming out a shorter barrel. It has been proven over and over. Soft shot sucks vs heavy lead, as far as offering a good pattern. OOO BUCK works great in the 3 inch barrel. As far as a bed side table gun. Chambered with 3, .410 shells with 000 buck shot, followed up with 2, .45's, should close the deal with any encounter.
In regards to recoil, you know you got a pocket rocket.
I went with the Taurus Judge Public Definder, 2-3/4 chamber, 2.5 inch barrel. Now I am finishing up the Judge with some grips for large hands.  That my 2 cents ...,
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How does it do with #6 shot for rabbits? Which barrel length is best for that?
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(02-15-2020, 06:27 PM)Carcass Wrote: How does it do with #6 shot for rabbits? Which barrel length is best for that?

Still playing with mine. Reading different "Taurus Forums", shows #4 heavy, 3.5 barrel will have a 6 inch tighter pattern than a 2.5 inch barrel @ 15 yards.
Also read where they have been seen on skeet ranges, shooting sweet with a 6.5 inch barrel.  
You also got to factor 2-3/4" vs 3", and the FPS factor. Less FPS, gives less shot distortion out of a rifled barrel. 
Bottom line, I need more range time, and various loads. It would be nice to have a few pistols at my disposal too. 
That's why I went with 2.5" / 2-3/4 chamber ...... will up date with pics. I feel it is not going to be a 25 yard shooter with anything lighter than 000, or 00, or slug.
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Thank you for the info.
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