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Hunting Cumberland State Forest?
Cumberland State Forest. This place is huge!

I might hunt there next season.

Obviously I don’t expect anyone to give up their honey holes — but anyone have any advice/suggestions on where to start?



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Surprised nobody has chimed in here. I have never hunted it, but if I were going to, I would try to find spots as far away from parking/access points as I could, this lets pressure and movement from other hunters push the deer out of lazy mans land and into me. Sometimes spots that people dont usually go are not far walks but rather across a creek most wouldnt cross or up/down steep hills others dont want to deal with, or even obscure parking areas where others dont access from.
Might not have to travel as far in during archery but come regular firearm and dog season, you will need that separation from others to see the deer.
Wish I had specifics for you but I have never hunted Cumberland. If you go to Powhatan WMA I can point you to a couple spots I used to hunt there.
Good luck next year

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I'd start with satellite images. I'm using an app called OnX, ($30/year))which has an awesome hybrid satellite/topo layer. I'm hunting powhatan this year and there's a lot of good access, which is the opposite of what I'm scouting.

My neighbor was the game warden for Powhatan and he said the key to public land is archery and early muzzle loader. Said he rarely checked anyone during that time.
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