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Dove will be on us soon
Last year was a bust.

I heard the long, cool, rainy summer had wrought havoc on the mortality of young chicks.

This year, I see many more doves hanging around my suburban FFX driveway.  They hug the shade and are not easily freightened off when I drive in with 96 Deg F weather.  Rather stay cool and risk being run over!

I drove around looking at farms from the road last year and saw none roosting on barn and silo roofs.  So, I did not bother stopping to see if I could get hunting permission.

Hunters at the WMAs did not report any dove sightings on opening day either.
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i'm looking forward to it. I only got to go one time last year. I took my 9 year old (at the time) daughter and she harvested her first dove. best day ever! hoping for more opportunities this year.
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