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New tree stand
Ordered a new ladder stand from Gander. Looks like it's comfortable enough for an all day sit. Can't go wrong for $135 (link below). Just gotta pick my tree now. Cant wait for season to start.
Got AP hill permit today finally too. They have been closed since right after deer season last year, I have 2 stands out there I will need to check on, replace straps, etc. Another out back behind the house that will need a new ratchet too. Some of those are getting pretty old, I start to worry about bolts holding up. Will prob start phasing out the old ones with new ones going forward, as I dont think I want to manage a 5th stand! Got my climber too but dont use it much, will mostly ground hunt when not using one of the 4.

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Nice - I hunted AP hill for several years on CA side. I was way ahead of most folks on GPS some 15 years ago. That allowed me to get to areas in total dark starting my hunt before the masses came in. Also kept me on tract on the 27k acres. Don’t do AP Hill anymore. I actually heard they may close it this year.

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Big Bucks are easy - Thats why I shoot little ones!
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They were super late on selling permits and still havent posted regs or opened for small game but they say they will by end of month.
Its not crowded at all any more. I havent hunted there for long, about 4 years now but I do recall Quantico being very busy back in the 90's, early 2000's. Past few years I rarely encounter other hunters in the woods.

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