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ground blind
Looking for a one man ground blind for crossbow hunting. Any experiences/suggestions?
thanks, Greg
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If you live in areas with bears don’t bother. They destroy them. Better off building a brush blind

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Radar blind is on the small side. It's perfect for 1 person and smaller to conceal. It's cheap but I'm on year 4 with one of occasional use. I looked at the chair blinds and they're just too cramped and really limited on direction to shoot.

Here's a link. not sure if it's the best price just showing you the blind.

I also have a Shack Attack blind. Cost more, heavier and has maybe a usable 90 degree window angle for left-right.

There's not a lot of options for a 1 man blind out there. The Radar was the smallest at the time but I have not looked in a year.

Bears.... tons here. I have left them out for months and zero bear encounters.
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I use a Ghostblind quite a bit and have shot several deer from behind it in both archery and muzzleloader seasons. I have a tree chair that I sit on behind it and use the tree for back cover. They are very effective and portable.

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