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State and National Forests, WMAs in Powhatan/Cumberland
Anyone hunting in Powhatan or Cumberland on public land this season wanna get in touch and possibly walk in together and split off? I've never hunted these areas and it'd be cool to at least have someone's phone number in case of emergency since I will be by myself. I was planning on going this weekend but haven't decided yet.

Hunting with a climber and a 6.5 Grendel AR, but if you've got a spot where that's not enough gun I have other options (300 Weatherby Mag and others). I am a mature, seasoned hunter. Like to walk a long ways, even with my stupid heavy climber. Hardwood bottoms are preferable, but I love being able to see a long distance too.

Also open to any private land opportunities, coyote hunting, or other varmints. I've got necessary permits for all game animals in VA.

I suppose I am also open to hunting with shotguns and dogs, but I prefer still hunting with a rifle.
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Also, I can't find any local ordinances related to rifle magazine capacity in Cumberland. Anyone know if there's a limit? I can't find anything in Powhatan either.
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Cumberland State Forest (If I remember right) has info... You can shoot rifles in Cumberland, but have to be at least 10' up in a treestand. There is nothing about Powhatan or Amelia WMA's either. Although I have seen many people with rifles ground hunting over the years...

I was out in the National Forest in Augusta county yesterday and it was like WWIII out there!! Dozens and dozens of hunters (myself included) all stirred up the woods, and every deer everywhere, was constantly on its feet!
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I ended up hunting Cumberland State Forest yesterday afternoon but didn't see anything. Lots of trucks with dog boxes, and I heard a few close barks, but they didn't run anything to me. Trucks EVERYWHERE on the main tract. I need to venture further out away from Bear Creek Lake on some of the smaller pieces.

I did have fun hiking in with my climber and found a pretty secluded tall old cutover that doesn't appear to have an access road leading to it. It's not too bad of a hike either. Probably 400 yards, maybe more. I'm ready for it to get cold so I can hike and not bust a sweat!

And yeah, I ended up carrying my 6.5 Grendel. Since I wasn't sure of the rules I opted for the 4rd mag to be safe from LEO. LEO was nowhere to be found anyway. I think I'll bring the Weatherby Mag if I decide to hunt that cutover again.
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I've been in Cumberland SF so many times over the years...  I used to know where the "deer doggers" always went, so I always went elsewhere to another ridge.  They'd run a deer to me, or I'd run a deer to them and it sometimes worked out.

But then, sadly, it started to turn ugly... I'm sorry guys... really...  But I mean, (years ago) it was freakin' bow season, you know?  Ain't nobody supposed to be around...  Just you and your bow, up in a treestand, you know?  All of the sudden... bark! bark! bark! bark! howl! howl! bark! bark! and a big pack of hound dogs came running through the area right near my stand!  A guy soon appeared trailing the dogs, and I "politely confronted" him from my treestand.
Me: "Hey man, uh, you know this is archery only, right?  No dogs!"
Guy: "I know... Sorry man, but, I'm just running them, getting them ready.  No harm in that!"

I swear on my mother's grave...  It was probably 10 years ago and one of the #1 reasons why I quit bowhunting.  Angry
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If Don were still here (RIP peternap) I would probably agree with his opinion of those types of dog hunters.
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I was out in Powhatan WMA this afternoon.... One other pickup truck in the parking lot, and that was it. Due to the wind conditions, that pickup owner and I both "played the wind", as we were over at the lot at Lockin Rd. (left side of the .pdf file - attached in the link below). No clue where the pickup owner was, but I continued straight on the trail to Bream Pond, and hunkered down under a pine tree with the wind blowing right at me or shifting, quartering towards me. I figured with it being 60° and sunny, deer might want to grab a quick drink at the pond, if they're up moving around.

Anyway... Not to be all weird or whining or any garbage like that, but, I honestly feel WMA should stand for "Wildlife? My A..." --- as there ain't NOTHING moving on a public land WMA! Everything is either 100% nocturnal, or it's been run off. I mean, seriously guys... I didn't even see a freakin' Squirrel! Sad

Anyone know of some private land?
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I feel sorry for anyone that has to hunt Virginia’s WMA’s, at least in the Piedmont and East. Poorly managed and very little game. Fortunately when you get into the larger tracts of national forest and some of the huge WMA’s in the Western part of the state, they are rugged and remote enough to still hold game.
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Exactly.... The local (metro area) WMA's centrally located near Richmond are a complete joke. Sorry to say... But it is what it is...
All you see for tracks are boot prints from previous hunters, and horseshoe tracks from people riding horses on the WMA.

You are absolutely right about the National Forest... It's beautiful country out there, wide open, and you might or might not see another hunter up on one of the ridges. But still, at (what is it?) 1.8 million acres?!? There is plenty of room for everyone! There are some 10 point monsters up in the mountains too, and if you can get one, it will be worth the long haul back down the trail! Smile
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Decided to try out Twin Lakes State Forest earlier in the week. Dropped down into a hardwood bottom, found some rubs on my way in. Gonna head back down there for the doe day tomorrow. Hope I see one!
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