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I'm considering upgrading my Wicked Ridge Ranger to an "adult" sized crossbow. Want to keep the price around $800 or less. I'm super happy with the WickedRidge but it's a little short for me and I bought it on a whim, mostly. Now I'm a bit more serious with the crossbow and would like to find something that works as well as the WickedRidge but fits me better.

What do you have? What are the pros and cons of yours?
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I have an Excalibur Matrix 350SE (I don’t think this one is sold anymore) and I really like it. The #1 benefit is it is a recurve and you can do all the work on it yourself. If you bust a string in the field, it is a simple replacement job and a quick reaffirm of the zero.

Compound crossbows are definitely harder to maintain and likely more of an archery shop trip to fix anything.

The Excalibur is really accurate and very easy to get dialed in and on target. I regularly shoot it out to 30 yards and get complete pass throughs with both fixed and mechanical broadheads.

They have course have crossbows, Excalibur and others, that go well above 450 FPS now, but this 350 is just fine.

You can generally find a decent package for older models, like a season or two older, on Amazon in the price you are looking for.

Here is a good example

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