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must watch,one small reason I'm part of NWTF
This was our chapter doing our Wheeling hunt.    Got to chat with Deadeye again who was blessed to get a beautiful 8 pointer and got to meet Carcass and his daughter too!  His daughter is some shooter
Made some new friends and part of some special memories!!
watch this video and see how many guys got dust in their eyes  LOL

2 of the hunters are quadriplegic and shoot using a straw to blow into an apparatus that then pulls the trigger. And yes both were blessed to take a deer with us!!
Vice President Peidmont Chapter NWTF, Proud member of NRA
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Best weekend ever! Such amazing people showered us with kindness and generosity. My daughter connected with her first ever deer and then there was no stopping her as she kept putting the smack down on every deer that made the mistake of coming into her sights. We loved spending time getting to know all the participants and volunteers. We made so many new friends, including Tomcbigbucks. Thank you to everyone involved for donating your time and efforts to provide such a great and memorable wildlife adventure. I am in still in awe at the whole event!
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it is a great event and really helps to put life in prospective.
To see how happy your daughter was and her sense of pride was amazing. Was honored to be a part of it.

Meeting new friends and making memories=priceless
Vice President Peidmont Chapter NWTF, Proud member of NRA
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awesome folks!
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That is awesome. Congrats to everyone involved.

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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great stuff!
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Fantastic event with even better people!!
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