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iTarget Pro for Christmas (this thing is freakin' cool!)
Happy New Year everyone, I hope this is the right spot to post something off topic:

I don't know if anyone has seen that laser beam training system & smartphone app called iTargetPro, but my family got it for me for Christmas, and let me tell you - it's awesome!  I don't know about striker fire or Glock's or whatever, but I know that for hammer fired handguns, it is excellent.

My post on Facebook (I know... I know... I wrote it because some relatives/friends are just NOT into firearms or are somewhat afraid of them)  Rolleyes
"Having a blast (pun intended) with iTargetPro, setup on my dining room table from 8ft away.
Far left in the first photo... Okay, I'm not going to lie.. That is a real 1911 .45ACP magazine loaded with Speer Gold Dot 230gr JHP rounds! It is safely removed and the only thing in my 1911 is the funky looking laser beam cartridge for iTargetPro.  Pull the hammer back, squeeze the trigger, and the laser beam lights up, showing where you aimed at.
The second photo is a close up of the App on my phone with my results from 8ft away, lefthanded, and with my left eye open and my right eye closed."

Once you get one, you download the App for it (Google Play Store, Apple, etc..).  One is free, the other is $4.99 and has more features.
Bullseye -- just what it is. Nothing elaborate. Just basic range shooting with the laser.
Quick Draw -- this is really cool, as it has a Timer and your phone goes "Beeeeeeep", and you quickly unholster, aim, and fire, and it "times" your reaction and accuracy.

Lastly, here's a little history: My son-in-law (down on the USMC base in Camp Lejeune, NC) has one of these iTargetPro things in 9mm and that how I found out about it. It was back when my wife and I drove down there to see our daughter, son-in-law, and 2yr old granddaughter. It was awesome laser shooting at the thing with his 9mm handgun in the dining room in base housing!  I wanted one too, so they all chipped in and got me the same thing but in .45 ACP for my RIA 1911.  Fast forward to these past few days from Christmas -> New Year's.... They took military leave and came up here to visit us. My son-in-law and I have been having a blast (pun intended) with iTargetPro in my house with my RIA 1911! He keeps busting on me about being "wrong" because I shoot lefthanded and he's righthanded. LOL...  Cool

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Just thinking back to my original post...  I know this is a Virginia HUNTING site, but I was just wanting to share a posting for handgun owners as well, and the indoor laser beam target system.
9mm, .380, .38 spl, .40 cal, .45 ACP, etc..  You eject the magazine, and just insert the funky looking laser beam cartridge into the chamber.

.45 ACP and hammer action:  Pull the hammer back each time and squeeze the trigger.  It lights up the laser beam each time.
9mm Glock, .380's, etc.. striker fire action:  Just squeeze the trigger each time, and it will also light up the laser beam.

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