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FOR SALE:  6.8 SPC factory ammunition
Factory loaded ammunition. Available in Williamsburg, VA area. 

2 Boxes (20 rounds per box) of Remington UMC MC L68R2 115 grain ammunition - $22 per box

1 Box (20 round box) of Remington Core-Lokt Ultra 115 grain Ultra Bonded PSP PRC68R4 ammunition - $34 per box
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Will trade for rimfire ammo. I can use:

.22 Short, LR, or WMR to include CB, Mini-Mag, Maxi-Mag, Velocitor, Stinger, Quiet, etc...
.17 HMR

I prefer CCI and SK brands. I would prefer to stay away from inexpensive bulk-pack Rimfire ammo like Remington and Winchester. No offense meant. I just have too much of the cheap stuff already, so I'm looking for some higher quality and specialty rimfire ammo.

I'd also be interested in 20 gauge slugs. In particular:

Remington Accutip, or the older version Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded Sabot
Barnes VOR-TX Expander Tipped
Federal - Various.
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