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11.2" Longbeard
My 2nd longbeard of the 2021 season. 24.6 pounds. 11.25" beard. 1.7" spurs.

[Image: 51190539739_89b91d5a97_b.jpg]

What a memorable hunt! Biggest Gobbler of my hunting career.

I have to thank my "ride or die" partner, Mandy Lu and my oldest daughter Amanda for helping me find my cell phone. We didn't find it until 1am.
I worked this bird (with hens) for nearly three hours. Low crawl, belly crawl, changed fields three times and rotated through every call I had. I finally got them to a position to take a shot. Dropped the Gobbler in his tracks. Overly excited, I took out my phone to call my buddy Steve. This Gobbler stood up and started running. I dropped my phone and ran after him. I shot him again, and a third time before recovering him in a neighboring pasture. My son named this Gobbler McClane (Die Hard).

Since my hunting area doesn't have Verizon towers, we had to drive home to ping my phone from my PC. My oldest daughter Amanda and I went back to the hunting area to recover my phone.
What an adventure!

Shotgun was Tristar Viper G2, 12 gauge, zeroed with the Patternmaster Code Black, with Winchester Longbeard XR #6 and Holosun optic.
Range was 40+ yards. Three shtotshells fired. I just couldn't coaxe him any further from his hens.

[Image: 51189067007_51c92834b5_b.jpg]
[Image: 51189987728_75c866223b_c.jpg]
[Image: 51189066287_4b3050dee1_b.jpg]
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wow, great job!
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That is a nice set of hooks!
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Congrats man.. living vicariously through those still lucky enough to be hunting them now Sad
Take me home county roads
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(05-20-2021, 09:31 AM)wvboy Wrote: Congrats man.. living vicariously through those still lucky enough to be hunting them now Sad

Thanks man. Nebraska Turkey season is still going strong. Our season goes until 31MAY21. The monsters are just starting to come off the hens and roam. Happy times.
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Awesome bird squid. Seems like the best always come with a story and thank god for the findmyphone app. What a stud btw. 1.7 inch hooks??? Dang. I was happy with my bird now???? ?
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