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New dog (Plott Hound, Pit Bull/Lab, mix breed)
Update.... I took Reggie out to Powhatan WMA earlier this morning (before it got to be 90+ degrees outside!), and he had a blast! You can clearly see him tugging on the leash after I stopped to take this photo.

Caption: "Dude! Why are we stopping? This place is awesome! So many smells to check out! Come on man. Let's go!"  Big Grin

[Image: Y6BuzVe.jpg]
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That is awesome Butch. Glad he is settling in.

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Update... My dog Reggie has settled in nicely into our home (it's been almost 2 months now). He's built like a Ox for being almost 60 pounds, and will try to take YOU for a walk if you're not careful! Sheesh...

Check out the latest photo from here in the west end of Henrico Co (Richmond, Virginia) over near Regency Mall, Quioccasin, Farmington, etc... I took Reggie for a nice dog walk along Farmington, and naturally, he had to sniff everything all the way down, and all the way back. What a nose this dog has! Good Lord!

[Image: 0tRrNKc.jpg]
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One more update...  My dog Reggie is now 1 yr, 3 mos, and already 66 pounds.  He's a freakin' MOOSE! Big Grin

Even though it was still 86° at 8:15pm, he just HAD TO go for a dog walk.  Thankfully his harness and leash (not to mention my sneakers) are reflective!  He has to check his "pee mail" on every single dog walk, sniffing every bush, every tree, every shrub, etc...   Rolleyes

[Image: cs8b2xT.jpg]
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