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New regs posted
Looks like no major new changes, a few new earn a buck county's and some extra doe days in some places.
Haven't put out any cams or messed with any of my stands but am already pumped for the upcoming season.

In the woods.
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I think one of the biggest changes I noticed is that Madison and Orange counties where both added to the early, antler less only firearms season in September. I wonder if DWR is going that to cut the population down to help CWD, or if it just there are so many deer in those counties that they are becoming a nuisance like in NoVA.

I hunt both counties and consider them to be quite rural to have an early firearms season now.

Both also are new EAB counties.

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i need the new season to hurry up and get here; firstly to bring in the cooler weather and secondly to give me a chance to take more picts of dead animals i've killed--i've run out of people to show off my old picts to. LOL
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