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Made five DIY saddles last year.  1 each for me, my brother, my 2 daughters and my son.  <$300 total cost for 5 saddles.  Final picture here of 4 of them.  I had already sent one off to my brother. My brother and I have both sat in ours, the kids haven't hunted with them but have worn them for playing in the yard trees.

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Very impressive!

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Great job. That saddle hunting is becoming very popular these days. It’s definitely not for me though because i have to be able to sleep in the stand.
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Bunch of folks I know sleep in their saddles, Carcass. I have only sat in one a couple of times and definitely could have slept in it. All of my sits in the saddle have been afternoon sits and I usually don't sleep then. If I do a morning sit in one, I'll let you know how it goes. Great way to get in "light and fast" and have some versatility to your spot if things aren't working out as planned.
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