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I've been blessed to have been invited on several rabbit hunts recently. we've been having a great year. we're finding rabbits on each trip and killing most of what we find.

it's usually 5 of us hunters all together. the dogs have been packing up nicely. most days we're using 11-13 beagles, which really light up the woods with music when they get one going.

today, the rabbits were a long way in front of the dogs. probably a habit from being chased by the bobcat that i saw on the last trip here. finally, a rabbit came flying past me but i couldn't get a shot through the thick brush. when he finally made it into the open, he was well past me. i took the shot but thought i missed because he ran out of sight. when the pursuing dogs shut up, i realized i had gotten it and the dogs were playing tug of war with it. i salvaged it though as the dogs just ate the parts i would've thrown out anyway. we ended the day with 5 kills.
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Sounds like a great time. Congrats.

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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nice have to love a good rabbit hunt listening to the dogs.
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