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New deer gun
Picked up a Savage 220 with the thumbhole stock. Put a busnell 3x9x40 on it. Got the gun for $699 from green top. Got the scope from natchez for $54 on sale.
The stock is made by Boyds, not savage. Haven't shot it yet but did clean the shit out of it.
The ithica deer slayer (circa 1996) is officially a backup and loaner gun.    

In the woods.
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Nice! i hear those 220's are great shooting guns! i love thumbhole stocks--so much more comfortable to hold in my opinion. sounds like you got a great deal on that bushnell scope, a tried and tested brand. i look forward to picts of it in action this fall.
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I have a friends that has the 220 and another that has the 212 and they do shoot well. Theirs are synthetic stock. This is my first thumbhole stock and it is very comfortable. This thing finds it way to the shoulder very nicely, perfect length of pull.
I've been shooting the bushnel banner scopes for over 10 years and have not had a single issue so when one comes up for $50 I'm on it!
Looking forward to putting this thing to use.

In the woods.
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