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Coyotes down
Last night 67GT and I hit my place in Stafford. We decided to try something different. We went up in stands. We were about 100yards apart. Figured if the coyotes circled one of us might get a shot.

Call was set and we started calling at just before 8. Didn’t take long and the first coyote stepped out about 50 yards from 67GT and he hammered it. We just let it lay there on the edge of the gas line.

Not long after that we hear one howling pretty far off to the South but I figure it was on the property. 67GT did a challenge howl and then switched back to the rabbit.

Not long and another coyote showed up. 67gt hit that one and it ran back into the woods but through the thermal he could see blood spraying.

Well we kept at it. Then a fox showed up and due to neighbors’ chickens being eaten we decided to shoot it. Miss by 67gt and it headed toward me. I shot just as it was turning into the woods and missed.

We decided after only 2 hours we probably shot enough nothing else would show up and we wanted to see if we could find coyote #2. I was packing up my stuff and as I was doing that a 3rd coyote came through the woods toward 67gt. Our guess is it came up behind me and I spooked it and it turned toward him. He missed that one as it was trotting through the woods and wouldn’t stop

We never found #2 as it went into really thick stuff but with the amount of blood we found it couldn’t have gone too far.

All in all a great couple of hours.

[Image: bee00c3426c933fd3f9a2759b364aada.jpg]

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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The only good yote is a dead yote. Nice goin.
If you ever need another shooter hit me up. I'm not far down the road a little north of Richmond. I have a xsight ltv digital night scope on my AR thats ready for some yotes.

In the woods.
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nice shooting!
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