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Trapping season is just around the corner and in fact, it never really ends for some of us. I was talking to a fellow Isle of Wight the other day who said he ordered a couple dozen locking snares. Hadn't ever used them before and wanted to know how well they work.
I told him they worked fine but weren't usually reusable and we're expensive.

I thought I'd pass this along here.

For small game like rabbits, I just use iron mechanics wire. It's pretty much self locking.

For larger game like coyotes and coon, I use aircraft cable. To make a lock I use a washer, bent 90 degrees with a hole drilled on the apron to attach the cable to. Locks well.
Last year I tried something new. I made a loop on the end of the cable then used that as a pruisk knot to form a snare lock. When it tightens, it locks.

I like spring poles on all the snares. It doesn't take much of a pole, just enough to snap the snare tight. Gives you a kill within a minute if done right.

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