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saskatchewan or Midwest
Anybody ever been? Decided I'm gonna make a trip up to the duck mecca. Gonna take a couple years to plan and research when and where I wana go up there and try to stay a whole week. This is a whole new hurdle with goin into another country so I wana make sure I have all my bases covered, but may just hit the Midwest for some action. It should be awesome!
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If duck hunted Canada. Easy to cross with your guns. Just a single form and they issue you a temporary gun id. Then just buy your licenses.

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"A hunt based only on trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be . . . time to commune with your inner soul as you share the outdoors with the birds, animals, and fish that live there." -Fred Bear
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No problem getting your firearms in and out of Canada... You will  /can see more birds up there on a four day hunt than you will see all season long here!  I think,also....from what I have heard..... chances of meeting locals,making friends for  posible future hunts in the area are greater in Canada that in the states....... Just a thought! I know folks that go every year and hunt private farms .....on their own!! And smoke em too!!!
Share your passion, that a kid hunting!
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