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My Gal, and Myself enjoy Kayaking.  Fitting two into the bed of a truck is somewhat awkward - so I decided to build a Yak trailer -

found a Jon Boat trailer for a couple bucks - stripped all the deck hardware, and wiring:

[Image: DSCF3990_zpsovam5zs5.jpg]

[Image: DSCF3989_zpskffm3bbl.jpg]

worked on my "idea" ..... it did not make me happy Huh , scratched that idea (blue tubes on the ground) ...... searched the Net for other options .... few coolies later

[Image: 100_0492_zps1voreogl.jpg]

not rocket science ...... but "wal'a"

[Image: 100_0512_zpseu5mcbxr.jpg]

[Image: 100_0513_zps9ptkcmmx.jpg]

not quite done.  Will be mounting a box on the main frame, for life preservers & straps.
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Dang man looks good
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Nice!!! Good work

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I like it. Great idea.
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Great job
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Nice job!
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lookin good!
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Nice...sure makes it a lot easier than truck hauling.

Those yaks have come a long way from that Mambo !
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thanks everyone ... You got that right OT - fun regardless ........
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Very inventive Rob. Gives me some ideas on rebuilding mine for multi boats.

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